Georgie & JoMo Electronic Synth Pop from St. John's, NL, Canada
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    We doing something really cool for this halloween! Between each killer band performance, we will have our side stage to provide continuous music all night long! Gonna be sick!

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    We are performing for Prototype June 28th @ The Rockhouse

    Prototype’s BACK!

    WTF is Prototype?

    Every few months…the city’s finest e-music producers and a really ridiculously good looking crowd of people find each other a dance floor and party like something locked-up let loose! …and the cool part is that it’s all original music made by the artists themselves…and good lookingpeople really dig a creative atmosphere!

    Produced by: MssngMrblz

    8 artists 
    Downpitched/Strike The Lights B2B
    Georgie and JoMo
    Elling Lein
    Potem Tole

    …And leaves you wanting more!


    !!! WARNING !!!

    PLEASE DO NOT COME if you just want to hear all the same ‘dance hits’ that are played out on the radio and all the other clubs…WE DON’T PLAY THAT HERE….that’s what the other clubs are for… THANK YOU!

    detailed artist info coming shortly.


    Techno / House (DJ Set)

    Worker comes out of the shadows for a rare ORIGINAL DJ set!
    Reason / Traktor / S4


    Dance, Trance, Dubstep (DJ set)

    S2 controller, Laptop, Maschine

    Spectrum is a collaborate effort towards EDM-style music that comprises of two members, Brad Green and Danny Blue. 
    Web URL:

    electro-pop (Live PA)

    Georgie & JoMo are an electronic synth pop duo. Drawing upon varied influences that include Portishead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nine Inch Nails, and the like, this musical married couple are forging a sound that is uniquely their own.

    Macbook/Ableton Pedal Board/Guitar Kaoss Pad 2x Synth 2x Mic

    "….an electro-pop gem with haunting, jagged soundscapes reminiscent of Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, and JoMo’s strong, soulful vocals add elements of Portishead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.” - Damian Lethbridge, The Scope (Apr 01, 2011)

    Electro House, Progressive House, Big Room (DJ Set)

    Rockafellers are a Newfoundland electronic house DJ and producer duo, made up of Al Byrne (DJ Alligator) and Justin Rowsell (Roz). The duo meet within the local club scene in 2013. DJ Alligator was a long time local DJ and a rookie producer looking for a new outlet in House music. At the time, Roz was also DJ’ing and producing similar style tracks as Alligator. The duo felt like they would work well together and began collaborating on new music. With the emergence of House music to the mainstream scene they hope to break the mold of Newfoundlands typically celtic music heritage with their own unique sound. Characterized as a Big Room Electro and Progressive House The Rockafellers currently have 4 original tracks on Soundcloud. With many more productions in the works and a relentless attitude the duo is trying to define their sound and eventually earn their place in the electronic music scene.


    Electronic (Live PA)

    Is it still cliché to say you fell in love with electronic music when you discovered Aphex Twin? Anyway, that’s what happened to me. I randomly picked up a copy of I Care Because You Do at Fred’s in 1995 and was blown away by how it seemed to pair so many seemingly contradictory elements together: it was music that was familiar, alien, melancholy, uplifting, hypnotic, and disruptive. I’ve been making electronic music ever since.


    Moombahton & house (Dj Set)

    PotemTole (Adam Martin) has been playing with music software and instruments since he was 15, making mostly Hip Hop beats. About two years ago my taste in music shifted, and I was suddenly obsessed with electronic music. I started playing with electronic samples, and I was immediately hooked! PotemTole released his first EP last December, titled “Got That Covered”. He was also the winner of both the Scopes “Best Electronic Artist” and “Best DJ” awards. The future of PotemTole cannot be said, but slowing down is no option.

    APC 40, Ableton


    Downpitched B2B Strike The Lights
    dubstep/electro house(dj set)

    Downpitched is a solo project started by CJ Verbiski. 

    In his own words he writes:

    Electronic music has always intrigued me, but confused me. Although I was raised listening to punk rock and hip hop groups, when I was introduced to House and other electronic genres I didn’t really know how one person could make this beautiful, beat driven music. Then I first heard of Dubstep, a genre that really appealed to me. The raw energy and rebellion of Dubstep remindedme of Punk Rock music, where as the drum structuring was remiscent of Hip Hop.
    My curiosity of this genre drew me closer and closer to what is now Downpitched. Today, I have a little under two and a half years of music production in ableton live under my belt, and I don’t plan on stopping. I love making this energy filled music, and hope I can bring enjoyment to 
    someones day with it, maybe get them through some tough times. But most importantly, I just want to have fun with it and see where this goes”

    dj controller/49 key keyboard

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    Our next show. April 10th @ The Levee.

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